What Should You Look for in an Hvac Software Program Before Getting One?

What Should You Look for in an Hvac Software Program Before Getting One?

If you are shopping around for HVAC software solutions, you may have felt overwhelmed. You may choose several options, and it might be difficult to determine whether it is a perfect fit for your HVAC business.

Already HVAC is doing great, thanks to advances made in HVAC software. However, only some HVAC software is created in the same. This is why you might want to look at the following features before you choose an HVAC software solution:

1.      Dispatch Board

Well, dispatching tools must have a very responsive board, which is simple to use and may allocate field resources and technicians as per the current job list.

A great HVAC dispatch software must allow you to access all technicians’ schedules and know where they are located at a particular time.

HVAC scheduling and dispatching can also help dispatchers assign the most appropriate and nearest technicians for upcoming tasks. And the best part is that simple-to-use dispatch boards will ascertain additional availability for every technician and enable them to get more work each time they are available.

2.      Customer History

One of the must-have features in the right HVAC software is an accessible customer history database. When clients call to schedule appointments with you, the database may show previous interactions you might have had with all of them.

This can help determine if customers are continuously experiencing the same issues and if your technicians recently worked or installed a piece of equipment.

3.      Customer Management

With the best HVAC software, you will be able to track customer appointments and payments. You will also be able to send appointments for follow-ups and meetings automatically.

This may mean that you won’t miss appointments, not to mention you will get feedback immediately and be on top of requests from customers. This will ascertain that you improve customer retention and offer quality customer service.

4.      Work Order

Assume that there are adjustments to make to your work orders. In this case, determine whether you can push them from your office to the phones of your technicians without the need to go through a convoluted, slow, and long process.

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This feature enables HVAC technicians to easily schedule urgent jobs for every technician near the job site. Technicians may update work orders depending on what is happening. And if they require more help, staff in the office will view updates in real time.

5.      Simple-to-Use Interface

Most HVAC software programs these days have a hard-to-use and clunky interface. Plus, they are jam-packed with features that they might not require. Basically, this won’t do your business any good, especially if your staff finds it hard to understand those features.

Intuitive and simple interfaces make it much easier for tech novices to deal with the software, even if they have never handled it before.

The Bottom Line!

Going the digital way takes a lot of work. That is because you will need to make a few important decisions in the end. But having the right HVAC software can greatly change your HVAC business. Not to mention, it will be a costly investment. So you should prioritize your business’s goals and ask the right questions.

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