Upcycle Your Office

Upcycle Your Office: Save Money And Look Great

Upcycle Your Office

Upcycling office furnishings is an idea whose time has come. Already hugely popular in fashion and consumer goods, upcycling takes used products and reuses them such that they become even better than they were originally. You may also hear this called “repurposing.”

Desks, chairs, shelves, tables, filing cabinets, cubicles — these are durable objects that last a long time. Few of these items are discarded because they are worn out. They are discarded because the company wants a fresh look, or because a manager didn’t like them, or because they have scuffs and dings.

Cost-Effective And Environmentally Consciousness

Upcycling is your opportunity to be the hero for environmentally conscious practices, at the same time that you save a lot of money. When you upcycle, you show that you understand value and that your company has acted responsibly to avoid unnecessary consumption or mindlessly adding to landfills.

Commonly upcycled pieces are conference tables, desks, cabinets, pre owned cubicles, office chairs, filing cabinets, shelves, workstation panels and reception room furniture. Many Fortune 500 companies refurbish their office furnishings instead of buying new, thus saving 50 to 75% and qualifying for tax deductions for maintenance expenses.

Refinishing And Refurbishing

Wood, metal, laminate, particle board and many other materials can be refinished. Don’t underestimate the transformations wrought by simple, inexpensive means: cleaning, a coat of paint or varnish, new hardware or fresh new fabrics.

Many companies offer high-quality used office furnishings for sale. Depending on what the furniture needs in order to be suitable for your purposes, you can refinish it yourself, buy pieces already refinished, or hire someone else to refinish it. Some companies will come to your office and do the refurbishing onsite after hours, or haul away your furnishings after close on Friday, and bring them back refinished and reupholstered before the start of the Monday work week!

It’s always nice when you can do the right thing and save money at the same time. Upcycling is your opportunity to be both good and smart as you outfit your company with the furnishings it needs to thrive.

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