The Ultimate Guide To Furniture Moving Boxes

The Ultimate Guide To Furniture Moving Boxes

Packing other stuff is relatively easy but packing furniture? Just the thought of it may leave you feeling exhausted. Moving your furniture can run someone ragged for real. You may not know where to start or how to start. This is why you need to use furniture moving boxes when you are planning to move. You might have heard of effective planning but now, it is time to buckle up for some effective packing. If you think packing your furniture is mighty impossible, you certainly need to use these boxes to take some load off your shoulders.

As the moving day dawns, your dread for packing dawns as well. Packing can be one of the most intimidating things and it always leaves you feeling confused. However, it’s also something that you cannot avoid. Well, you shouldn’t because instead of running away from problems, you must focus on finding solutions like using commercial boxes that are exclusively designed to fit your furniture so that you can move it effortlessly.

Different Types of Boxes

If you want to pack your furniture effectively, you need to be aware of the various types of boxes available in the market you can use to pack your furniture.

  • Wardrobe Boxes: Where would you go without your wardrobe? You can afford to leave your chair or your table behind but your wardrobe? It isn’t something that you would want to invest in time and again. Good news is that wardrobe boxes are huge enough to accommodate your cupboard so that you can move it without damaging it. If you’re not planning to move your entire cupboard, you can use these boxes to store all the contents of your wardrobe and use a carton sealing tape wholesale to make sure the stuff doesn’t fall out of the box.
  • Extra Large or Large Boxes: These boxes are handy for storing your electric appliances, big kitchen utensils, lamps, and the like which may not fit in those regular or medium-sized packing boxes. You can pack all the bulky items in these large or extra-large boxes easily.
  • Medium Boxes: Medium boxes are perfect for everything that is medium-sized. These boxes are easy to handle and they have the capacity of storing 1.75 cubic feet of your furniture or any other stuff. If you have items too small for medium boxes, you can use bubble mailer packaging to store these items.
  • Corrugated Carton: All hail the most popular moving box that is perfect for storing all your frail and fragile furniture – a corrugated carton. These boxes have double construction walls which are sturdy enough to handle your most precious furniture items.

These are the different types of furniture moving boxes you can use to pack your furniture and move it anywhere.

Using Furniture Moving Boxes

Where to Buy Wardrobe Boxes -

If you’re planning to move your furniture to a new place but don’t have the courage to start packing, these tips are sure to give you instant motivation.

  • Before you pack your furniture, you need to keep a carton sealing tape wholesale ready because you will need to seal the boxes using this tape. It will keep the contents of your box intact and prevent it from leaking. Sealing the boxes with tape is also essential to ensure the security of the box.
  • Another functional tip you can use to pack your furniture is to start with the small items and proceed to the large ones or vice versa. This will allow you to store items in the box in a well organised manner and it will also leave space for more items. Hence, you can utilize the storage space of the box more efficiently. You can use a machine stretch wrap to seal the boxes quickly. It will secure the boxes and avoid the boxes from getting damaged as well. It will additionally protect the contents of the box if it falls.
  • Systematic packing is crucial for effective packing. Packing furniture from different rooms will make things messy and your entire packing session will be out of place making you feel more tiresome. Start from the smallest room in your house or start with the kitchen. Pack the furniture from either of these two rooms first and proceed to another room. This will enable you to pack your furniture easily and more effectively.
  • Do not forget to use wholesale bubble wrap envelopes without which, there is a high chance that the furniture inside the box may clash with each other and get scratched or damaged. To avoid the furniture from getting damaged, using bubble wrap to pack the furniture is crucial.

These are some of the most effective ways to pack your furniture in a relaxed manner. You can use all of these tips to pack your furniture in less time and with less inconvenience.

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