The History of Thai Food

The History of Thai Food

Thai food is a type of cuisine that is native to Thailand. It is a mixture of Chinese, Indian, and Malay dishes.

Thai food has been around since the country was founded by the Ayutthaya Kingdom in 1350. The country’s location on the Mekong River made it an important port between China and India. This allowed for Thai food to be influenced by both cultures in different ways.

Thai cuisine became popular throughout Asia after the discovery of its unique flavors and ingredients in the 1970s.

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Introduction to Thai Cuisine


‘I think I must have fish sauce running through my veins. My late grandfather established his fish sauce company over 100 years ago, and some of my earliest memories are of playing among mounds of fish and vats of the pungent sauce. Later I remember him walking me around his shop, proudly explaining how he made such a fine product.

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