The Cirrus Plus – A Review

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The main material of the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus is steel, a special kind of steel. It was chosen because it makes the cart extremely strong and compact, but at the same time light. The tested model weighs 156 pounds, making it one of the lighter models on the market.

The main advantage here is strength. The wheelchair is durable and can withstand almost all types of use. As such, we would like to recommend it to anyone who plans to use it in rough terrain and for demanding operations.

Carrying capacity is the most important factor to consider when looking for a new wheelchair. This means the maximum passenger weight. Here we see that the weight of the weight is 300 pounds, which is one of the highest rates we have ever seen.

All this is made possible by the aforementioned frame, solid seat and powerful electric motor. This is a modern generation high performance wheelchair that has a lot to offer. For more on foldable power wheelchairs visit Everlasting Mobility.

The top speed is 5.5 mph, which is quite good. You can reach your destination faster and move faster.

This is another advantage of a powerful electric motor. It has a decent performance even if you use the cart on a hill or on uneven terrain. The folding electric trolley here has a speed of 6 steps. The controller can be programmed to suit your specific needs. The whole process is simple and takes only a few seconds. All instructions can be found in the user manual. The height of the controller is also adjustable.

Why Do You Need A Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Wheelchair?

The answer to this question is very simple. You need a folding electric wheelchair because you have mobility issues. Compared to the manual model, the electric units are much better. It is easier to use and more practical. The main advantage is simply the fact that you don’t need another person to help you.

Going up hills and over slopes is also easier and you get a lot of benefits here. Manual wheelchairs are complicated and uncomfortable in these cases, so electric models are the next best thing. If your life is full of ramps and hills, electric wheelchairs are the only option!

Electric wheelchairs are useful and the only alternative for people who cannot move their legs and arms. People who only have control of one finger, arm or even their mouth can easily move around the house and town with the help of a suitable wheelchair.

As you can see, we are focusing on folding electric wheelchair. This means that even though they have a battery and an electric motor, they can still be folded and placed in the trunk of a car or in a small space. These wheelchairs are the most useful and practical ever.

Here we must add that electric wheelchairs are the most versatile and are most useful for people who need to adjust the height of their wheelchair at any time. As we mentioned earlier, these are the most advanced wheelchairs available today.

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