The 10 Best Sports for Our Health and Characteristics

The 10 Best Sports for Our Health and Characteristics

To enjoy good health, it is necessary to incorporate physical exercise into our daily lives. It is necessary to be right with the fidelity activity that we practice, since each one has its benefits and drawbacks. Most sports collaborate in our attempt to lose weight, prevent diseases or control stress levels. It also improves our self-esteem and sexual performance. Here we present the 10 best sports for health and their characteristics 토토사이트.


It is a demanding discipline in terms of resistance and muscular flexibility. With half an hour of this sport you will burn about 300 calories. You don’t have to go out in the water, as most gyms have rowing machines.


It is considered one of the most complete exercises for health. With 30 minutes we will burn 517 calories and we will work the whole body completely. We will be able to increase the resistance of the body and the flexibility of the abdomen.


It is one of the best known sports. It requires teamwork and sometimes concentration. It will help us to exercise the whole body and among other things it will increase endurance, strength and muscular flexibility, among other things. During the 90 minutes that the game lasts, it will require us to be in constant motion.


Listed by some as the most complete activity. It manages to strengthen the bones and provides resistance, flexibility and strength. Before starting to swim, it would be interesting to learn the technique. You will burn 350 calories in half an hour.


The body is in constant motion and most of the muscles are exercised. Be careful with muscle injuries.


Half an hour on the bike burns 430 calories. You have to be very careful because it is also considered a dangerous activity due to the large number of falls.


It provides benefits to the health of the bones, muscles and cardiorespiratory system. It is a team sport, where in half an hour of play you can consume 300 calories. Muscle aches are also quite common.


The proper practice of this exercise will allow the muscles to gain in resistance and strength, more than in any other sport, especially in regard to the muscles of the arms, legs and buttocks. Keep in mind that you spend all your time running and jumping.

9-Running and walking

One of the best sports that can be practiced for cardiovascular health and the respiratory system. Half an hour of exercise burns 430 calories.


With 30 minutes of this sport you consume about 300 calories. It will also force you to stay in constant motion to defend yourself against your opponent’s attacks.

Benefits for Our Health

Muscular strength

Running, jumping, and kicking in soccer help strengthen your muscles and bones. Simply standing for up to 90 minutes gives your legs an excellent workout.

Your lower and upper body and arm muscles also come into play, to help stabilize or other movements such as kicking, jumping, wrestling, and blocking the ball with your chest. In addition, your back, chest and core are involved when we hit the ball.

Cognitive benefits

In addition to the physical benefits, playing soccer is good for the brain. Soccer can be a fast-paced game that exercises your mind by demanding quick decisions on the field. Even when time seems to be slowing down, players are constantly looking for territorial advantages, trying to position themselves to receive a pass, and to defend an opponent’s area so that they cannot attack.

For many, playing soccer is very similar to a more active game of chess, with the best competitors always thinking several steps ahead.


Many injuries occur in soccer, particularly at the highest levels of competition, but your risk can be minimized. Wearing the proper protective equipment, including soccer shoes and shin guards, gloves, if you are a goalkeeper. Sportswear and optimized for this sport.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or sports drinks during games and practices. A warm-up before games and workouts of five to 10 minutes of light aerobic activity followed by dynamic stretching. If you run out of breath during a game, don’t be shy to let a teammate come into the game for you for a while.

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