Quest Food Management Services Is Hiring High-Quality Full-Time Workers

Quest Food Management Services Is Hiring High-Quality Full-Time Workers

Quest Food Management Services has been a leading foodservice management company located in Illinois since 1985. From decades of experience, Quest has just announced they hit the mark of their 100th partnership – and no sign of stopping in sight.

As a result, Quest has received recognition, awards, and accolades from a variety of reputable and relevant sites, such as the Food Management Magazine. Looking to the future, Quest shows great promise for incredible growth and superior customer service.

To help achieve their long-term goals for the future, Quest is on the lookout for new team members.  Quest views every team member as a key part of their recipe for success. Hence, ongoing surveys the company has performed show an overwhelmingly positive response to employee satisfaction.

About Quest Food Management Services

In 1985, Quest Food Management Services was founded in Lombard, Illinois. Their goal was to provide fresh and made-from-scratch food that is served with a touch of personal service. Quest Food Management still retains that goal, but on a much larger scale.

Today, Quest Food Management Services provides healthy, delicious, and customer-focused food to a variety of customers. As a privately owned, full-service food service management company, Quest claims annual sales of over $65 million.

Vision and Values

Unlike other food management companies, Quest wants to provide long-lasting and valuable relationships with their customers by providing exceptional responsiveness, intensely personal service, and nutritious, made from scratch food that everyone will love.  They are well known for complete transparency with their partners which is likely the reason for their 99.9% retention rate.

To help this vision become a reality, Quest lists integrity, responsiveness, accountability, respect, and excellence as its five legs of values. These values help Quest to create delicious yet personalized food services for a variety of clients.

Accolades and Recognitions

From 1985 to today, Quest has made huge efforts to provide the best services that are constantly improving and growing. Their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed either. As of2020 Food Management Magazine ranked Quest #32 out of the top 50 food management companies within the nation.

What Quest Food Management Services Brings to the Table

Quest Food Management specifically provides healthy food and top-rated services to a variety of clients throughout the Midwest. For example, they offer food services to K through 12 schools,  higher education, conference centers, and business industries.

Quest Food Management Services Office Photos | Glassdoor

How Quest Food Management stands out from other food services is that they provide great food with great customer service in communities that they serve. Instead of simply providing their customers with food and facility experiences, Quest makes it a point to integrate their program into your community.  Programs are designed specifically for each partner and Quest prides itself in conducting ongoing customer food committee meetings.  Meetings that allow patrons to voice satisfaction levels and also a time to try new foods and discuss everything from service to pricing.

In other words, Quest Food Management Services designs a program so as to integrate perfectly with your culture and business. By bringing quality food with this customer-centric approach, those being served feel as though they have a restaurant dining experience all at their fingertips.

Quest Food Management Is Hiring

As Quest Food Management continues to grow, they are looking to hire new team members. At Quest, employees are viewed as the cornerstone of their growth and success. As a result, Quest is always on the lookout for high-quality people to help serve high-quality food to high-quality clients.

Whether they are looking for a chef or server, Quest Food Management jobs require a couple things.  First, a great and caring attitude with a passion for delivering a great experience to guests every day.  Second, the desire to work on a team that feels like family.  In exchange, Quest offers competitive training and benefits to ensure that their employees are taken care of in return.

Benefits of Working with Quest Food Management Services

Many of the positions at Quest are located within the K-12 school setting.  This translates to many team members enjoying the and annual school schedule with nights and weekends off.  Summertime provides many with the choice of some time off or there are options to transfer to other accounts for summer hours.

When working at Quest Food Management, you also receive some impressive benefits including medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, 401K, life insurance, and supplemental insurance.

Final Thoughts

Once again, Quest Food Management Services is a leading full-service foodservice company. They prioritize great people, great food, and great service to provide their customers the best food experience possible.

If you are interested in working at Quest Food Management, you can visit their website to browse through all of their jobs and openings near you. If hired, you’ll receive some of the most impressive and competitive benefits to pay you for your high-quality service and capabilities.

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