QR Code Myths: Can QR Codes Run Out of Patterns?

QR Code Myths: Can QR Codes Run Out of Patterns?

QR Code Myths: Can QR Codes Run Out of Patterns?

Each QR code’s pattern contains a unique combination of black and white squares or modules. Since billions of QR codes have been made, will we ever run out of unique patterns?

This is just among the many QR code myths and rumors circulating online. Some even claim that QR codes are already “80% depleted” today.

While this does not really affect companies that offer a QR code generator online software, it’s a shame that some people are missing out on these codes’ overall functionality.

It’s about time we bust these myths and misconceptions so that those who are misguided will genuinely understand and appreciate the benefits QR codes brings.

Are We Running Out Of Qr Codes?

Here’s the truth: the world will never run out of QR code patterns. A little math will prove this bold statement.

There are 40 QR code versions today; the higher the QR code’s version, the more modules there are in its pattern.

The size of the version 40 QR code is 177 rows by 177 columns, which means it contains 31,329 modules that can have one of two states: either black or white.

This leads to the maximum of possible unique QR code combinations being 2^31,329, which results in the infinity sign in most calculators.

This number quickly disproves the “80% depleted” rumor that’s going around online.

Five Other Qr Code Myths Debunked

Here are five of the most talked about QR code misconceptions that need to be corrected:

1. QR Codes Can Only Store Web Links

URL QR codes are the most widely used QR code type, but this does not mean they are the only QR code type available.

For instance, most generators now offer a PDF QR code solution that can store PDF files. Users will see the file on their devices when they scan the code. They can also download it.

There’s also the mp3 QR code for embedding various audio files in mp3 and .wav formats.

2. All QR Codes Are Only Black And White

The traditional QR code comes in black and white, but you can now customize your QR code’s appearance and set them in different colors.

You can also select a different pattern and eye shape to make it more eye-catching. Also, most generators now let users add icons, logos, and images to their QR codes.

3. Scanning a QR Code Is Hard, And It Takes Time

On the contrary, scanning QR codes is a breeze. You only have to use your smartphone, open its camera app, hold it over the QR code, and wait for the link to appear on your screen.

You can scan QR codes faster than you can say a QR code generator.

4. Nobody Scans QR Codes Anymore

This is impossible. Did you know that more countries now use a QR code generator with logo software to promote contactless transactions?

Recent statistics also reveal that more people now accept QR code scanning as an integral part of their daily life. One example is scanning a QR code at a restaurant to see its menu.

5. You Cannot Change a QR Code’s Destination

This is true for static QR codes since they are permanent once you have generated them. However, it’s a different story for dynamic QR codes.

Users can still change a dynamic QR code’s URL or landing page anytime, even though they have generated the code or printed it in mass.

For file QR codes — which are also dynamic — users can replace the file with another.

Busting QR Code Myths

These QR code myths must be debunked because these square tools have made considerable contributions to the improvement of a lot of industries.

They make certain aspects of life more convenient, such as replacing printed menus so restaurants can reopen amid the pandemic.

Which QR code myth did you subscribe to? Now that you’ve realized they’re all false, head to the best QR code generator and create your free QR code today.

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