LVLS North Coast: The Harmony of Design and Nature

LVLS North Coast: The Harmony of Design and Nature

Imagine a place where architectural brilliance meets nature’s tranquility, where every corner reveals meticulous design harmonized with the gentle embrace of the environment; in LVLS North Coast by Mountain View, you will witness this. It is a coastal paradise in Egypt where modern luxury effortlessly embraces serene landscapes, promising not just a home, but an experience. Whether it’s the allure of pristine exteriors, the strategic location ensuring seamless connectivity, the promise of an elevated lifestyle complete with various amenities, or the affordability of prices, Village LVLS North Coast has it all. Dive into a world where every detail echoes your desire for a grand yet peaceful coastal life.

Strategic Location Meets Easy Accessibility

Mountain View’s strategic decision to place Village LVLS North Coast at kilometer 179 makes it an easy gateway to the region’s most coveted attractions. Whether you’re traveling from the bustling metropolis of Cairo or another major hub, the roads to LVLS Ras El Hikma are welcoming and well-connected.

Innovative Design, Harmonious with Nature

Village LVLS North Coast sets itself apart with a design philosophy that is truly one-of-a-kind. Highlighting the distinctive hallmark of Mountain View, LVLS Sidi Abdel Rahman mesmerizes with its marvelous white exteriors, tastefully adorned with tranquil blues. These colors mirror the landscape’s natural palette, creating a harmonious blend with the surrounding green expanses.

Additionally, each unit for sale within LVLS North Coast Village stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity, further augmented by a terraced design up to 40 m above sea level that offers awe-inspiring views of the sea or the tranquil village lagoon, covering 6 acres.

Village LVLS North Coast is More Than Just a Home

Living in LVLS North Coast Village is about embracing a holistic lifestyle. Picture yourself reveling under the sun at the beach, enjoying delightful snacks from food trucks. Or indulging in retail therapy at the local mall, and as evening sets, LVLS Mountain View North Coast clubhouse beckons with its plush offerings.

LVLS North Coast Villas

Additionally, the pools of MV North Coast, designed with eco-conscious principles, are complemented by the verdant surroundings. Mountain View has also prioritized holistic well-being, with spaces dedicated to yoga, gym facilities, and amenities that ensure the residents of LVLS North Coast find comfort at every turn.

Dive into a world where fitness meets luxury at Village LVLS North Coast! Embrace the thrill of jogging and cycling amidst breathtaking landscapes, and when you’re done, unwind in the upscale health club. Soak in the soothing embrace of spa, or let the jacuzzi bubbles melt your stress away at LVLS Mountain View North Coast.

Moreover, with advanced fire-fighting systems and backup power generators on standby, peace of mind in every situation is ensured. Safety and security are also paramount in Village LVLS North Coast, with advanced surveillance systems and dedicated security personnel ensuring peace of mind.

Spacious Homes at Tempting Prices

For those yearning to buy expansive chalets for sale in LVLS North Coast Village, you will find units with roofs or verdant gardens ranging from 140 to 150 m2. For the discerning home-seeker searching for large spaces, LVLS Ras El Hikma presents a variety of villas for sale, twin houses, and townhouses, with areas starting from 180 m2.

What truly sweetens the deal is the enticing price per meter of units at LVLS Mountain View North Coast, contributing to providing chalets and villas with competitive total prices starting from 8,200,000 EGP. The combination of these prices and the opportunity they present for sound investment in LVLS North Coast is hard to resist.

To further ease the buying process, flexible payment plans are on offer. Mountain View allows you to book your desired unit in Village LVLS North Coast with a down payment starting from 10% and pay the remaining amount in installments over up to 8 years.

In conclusion, LVLS Ras El Hikma redefines coastal living. Beyond providing a residence, it invites you to an elevated lifestyle that effortlessly fuses elegant design with nature’s calming embrace. With prices that challenge the market, adaptable installment plans, and a plethora of world-class amenities ranging from sports facilities to top-tier medical services, Levels Mountain View North Coast isn’t just a home; it’s a statement. Nestled amidst the serene landscape, LVLS North Coast stands as an emblem of luxurious, contemporary coastal living, setting new benchmarks for others to follow. Dive into a world where elegance meets tranquility.

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