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Involving emotions in money is never a good decision. Though it may be an emotional subject, money is made based on impartial decisions. However, you can consult an investment advisor to grow your finances. A competent investment advisor will carry the following characteristics:

Inquisitive Mind

An investment advisor is not afraid to ask questions. Foremost, they care about the clients, and handling someone’s hard-earned entire life savings is not for the faint-hearted. An investment advisor is responsible for creating a financial plan that suits each client’s needs and wishes. That is a lot of work if they have a diverse client base. Therefore, do not be annoyed when they ask questions like how you spend your time, how much you earn, or describe your future goals.

An fee only financial planner will dive right in to assess your personality since the two are expected to work long term. You are not just a number or income generator to the correct financial advisor.

Bespoken Services

An investment advisor will focus on creating goals to shape financial planning. Assuming your goals are long-term. In that case, the financial plan will be based on generating sustainable income over a few years. Suppose you wish to set goals for the short term. In that case, your advisor in Canada will create a retirement or children’s education plan to reflect such objectives.

Every investment advisor’s action is a calculated approach to please the clients. Their intention is to bring you closer to the provided goals. However, it’s a red flag if an investment advisor adopts the same approach and tools with all the clients.


An investment advisor is in a leading capacity. They take the initiative and are proactive, so they seize the opportunity to multiply the client’s investments. Assuming you are constantly searching for the advisor and asking for updates, it may be time to eliminate the partnership and find a more diligent and active investment advisor.

The investment advisor will help the clients achieve the next step in financial freedom by:

  • Communicating the achievement regarding life milestones
  • Informing the clients when the market is shrinking or inactive
  • Continuing asking questions to assess client expectations and future stances


An fee for service financial planner will also tell you as is! There is no sugarcoating in investment or financial analysis. Suppose your investment advisor is giving you false hope. In that case, he is most likely protecting his income source rather than acting upon his job description. When it comes to investments, past results do not indicate future success. A return on investment is based on external factors rather than past results.

Work with a Canadian Financial Advisor | Scotiabank StartRight Program

Investment advisor-client relationship is categorized as fiduciary, where one party can heavily influence the decision of the other. Therefore, the advisors must uphold ethics presented by Canada’s Investment Industry Regulatory Organization.


Life’s story is full of unexpected events, and an investment scenario is the same. These changes can include marriage, healthcare, and more considerable expenses. Similarly, investments are subjected to macro-economic indicators such as interest, inflation, and purchasing capacity. The financial industry is also heavily influenced by political stability and instability.

When such factors come into play, the clients will worry about their investments. An investment advisor will respond to the client’s queries. A competent financial advisor will remove curiosities by taking questions and requests. Suppose your investment advisor is not communicating and answering briefly. In that case, the client will likely lose confidence in his financial skills.

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Are you searching for a successful investment advisor? Merrick Financial Inc. provides investment advice to facilitate clients in achieving their future dreams. However, the firm does not present an image of providing legal, accounting, and tax services. Clients are expected to branch out and seek advice from related professionals in the areas mentioned above.

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