Custom packing tape is a great option to seal your packages for many reasons. There are certain types of tape of which can be customized with a brand’s logo or message.

Kinds of tape for customization

The most popular one is polypropylene since it is the most economical option available and can get most jobs done. Once it is stuck on the surface of a box it will bind very well to it. Something to note when it comes to polypro is the fact that it will not stick best on boxes that have been highly recycled. PVC, on the other hand is considered to be the haut de gamme when it comes to packaging tape. The materials used to make the film are polyvinyl chloride and the adhesive is made of a natural rubber. It is even possible to hear the difference between the two products since PVC is silent when pulled whereas polypro is noisy. PVC is the kind of product that can withstand a lot more in terms of the environments it is applied in and the ones it is faced with in transit.

Acrylic is another kind of tape that is available for customization. It is used mainly in cold to freezer temperatures and binds best 24 hours after application. The main difference between this packaging tape as compared to the two others is the fact that when it comes to customization, it cannot be printed onto the film. The only way to print on acrylic is to print on the adhesive side. When this is done, the print where the adhesive was will be taken away. It is recommended to print up to 30% of a certain surface area on acrylic since it will reduce the adhesive and get rid of the sticking power on tape. That is why companies who use this have a very specific use for it.

Gummed tape is a great option that has all of the positive attributes of the previous three kinds of tape. The only downside is the difficulty of application because the adhesive needs to be activated with water instead of it already being active. It is possible to wipe it down with a wet sponge to then bind it onto a box. But it might take some practice to get the right amount of water applied to the tape and place it on the box properly. The best and most efficient way of going about this is through a machine application to get the most out of the product.

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