Elijah Norton Is Helping Out Communities By Providing Jobs

Elijah Norton Is Helping Out Communities By Providing Jobs

Elijah Norton has been hard at work to change the way that vehicle protection plan companies work. Within just a decade, Elijah Norton has transformed Veritas Global Protection from a startup employing two employees to a global brand with dozens of employees and nearly $100 million in profits. The company has experienced immense success in the industry because of innovation and a focus on customer service.

How Elijah Norton is Helping the Community

The serial entrepreneur is making significant contributions to the community. He is helping out the community in the following ways:

i) Building Businesses

One of the main benefits of starting a business is the creation of employment opportunities. Think of the number of people employed by social media giants and popular search engines. One or two people had a business idea and implemented it. The result is employment opportunities for tens of thousands of people and immense economic contributions.

Elijah Norton is an entrepreneur who has built many successful businesses. These businesses have created employment opportunities for the community. For instance, Elijah Norton has employed hundreds of employees and made significant contributions to the community.

ii) Mentorship

After achieving success in the business world, Elijah Norton is giving back to the community through mentorship. The business executive has learned a lot over the years. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can benefit entrepreneurs. Some of the business tips offered by the entrepreneur include:

  • Focus on Innovation: One of the main tips offered by Elijah Norton to budding entrepreneurs is to focus on innovation. This is the only thing that ensures a business remains sustainable in the long run. Without innovation, it’s easy to become obsolete.

Entrepreneurs should always look at the trends in the industry and get feedback from their customers. This will provide them with the ideas they need to implement to develop products and services that will help them attract new customers and retain existing clients.

  • Building a Great Team: While a great business idea can be implemented and become a great business success, having a great team will guarantee you success. Your employees are the ones who are in direct contact with the customers. If they offer quality service, they will help you convert new customers to loyal customers.

You have to consider a variety of factors when searching for a suitable employee. The ideal employee should be hardworking and must embrace community values.

  • Patience is Key: It takes many years to succeed in business. Some people usually make the mistake of expecting to achieve success in a few months. While this might happen in some startups, it’s an exception.

Most businesses take 3-5 years to achieve success. Veritas Global Protection, for instance, took over three years to become successful. To achieve success, therefore, entrepreneurs should exercise patience.

iii) Amazing Vehicle Protection Plans

Veritas Global Protection is helping the community by providing innovative protection plans. In addition to offering traditional vehicle protection plans, the company is also offering exotic vehicle protection plans as well as electric vehicle protection plans. These vehicle protection plans come with bonus services, such as roadside assistance, rental car service, and towing services.

Veritas Global Protection has trusted and reliable partners located in different towns, cities, and neighborhoods around the country. Wherever your vehicle may break down, there is a local partner nearby to help you out. Just file a claim online or call the company to ask for assistance. These bonus services, together with the innovative plans, are beneficial to the community.

Veritas Global Protection Success Story


Before the company was established, the industry had few players. The range of products on offer was also limited, and customers were not happy with the quality of service they received from service providers. There was no focus on customer service or innovation. Elijah Norton noticed these shortcomings and saw a business opportunity.

Through Veritas Global Protection, Elijah Norton sought to fill the gaps in the industry. He focused on customer service and innovation. Elijah came up with new vehicle protection plans and improved existing plans to address customer needs.

Elijah also assembled a competent team to take care of customer needs. The team was responsive and focused on customer satisfaction. This is what has led to the success of the company.

The Veritas Experience

Imagine driving your vehicle on a busy highway only for the vehicle to break down. What would you do? If you do not have a vehicle protection plan, you would have to search the internet for a local towing service and call them. You would also have to wait several hours for the tow truck to arrive and take your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop.

If other vehicles are still being serviced, you will have to wait in line for the mechanic to get to you. In case the breakdown occurs at night, you will have to book a hotel room to spend the night.

If you have a valid vehicle protection plan, however, you only need to call the customer support team at Veritas Global Protection and wait for assistance. A local partner will be dispatched to your location in a few minutes.

A mechanic will assess the situation and offer effective repairs on-site. If the vehicle has to be taken to the repair shop, you will be provided with a rental car to use while your vehicle is being repaired. This will save you a lot of time and money.

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