A Risk Assessment Of Your Site When In The Construction Industry

When your business is in the construction industry, you will need to become familiar with the risk assessments of your construction site. You will often have to notify HSE (Health and Safety Executive) when you are starting a new project, depending on the size and scope. If your project will last over 30 days and has over 20 workers, you must notify HSE. You will also need to inform them if the project lasts longer than 500 person-days, and you can do this by going to the HSE website and filling in an online form.

You may need to do a risk assessment, and below are some of the steps you will need to take to do this.

General Assessments

The first thing you will need to do is a general risk assessment for the construction site, and there is specific information you need to include. Experts on this matter such as Avensure will be able to help you and advice you to identify the risks, including:

  • Buildings
  • Plant
  • Vehicles
  • Working Heights
  • Manual Handling

Once you have identified all the risks, you will need to identify who is at risk, such as your employees, visitors, or public members. You will then need to prioritise the risks you find and list them all, with the highest risks at the top of your list, and it will also help to grade each risk on your list. You will also need to record any significant findings that you make, such as hazards that may harm the workers, visitors, the public, or the project itself. You will need to document all of this, and you will also need to schedule regular follow checks of the site to reassess it.

Getting Assistance With Your Risk Assessments

If your operation is small, you may not have the time or experience to create complete risk assessments for your construction site, and you may need an expert to offer construction health and safety advice UK or your country trusts. Many companies can assist you with this, and you can find some excellent ones online. You will need to choose the company you use carefully and ensure that they are reputable, and you can use social media to do this. Ensure that you do plenty of research and find a suitable company to help make the risk assessment of your construction site a simple task.

Other Information You May Need To Provide

You may also need to go into more detail for HSE about the construction site, and you may need to get assistance with this. You may need to create a construction phase plan which will break the work down into stages, and you will need to update it as you work through each of the phases.

If more than one contractor is working on-site, you will also need to have a health and safety file and ensure all mishaps are recorded accurately in it. You will also need to document the thorough examination reports for your heavy machinery and keep these on file. If the construction site is using ladders, scaffolds, excavations, or fall arrest systems, you will also need to collate inspection reports of these systems.

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